• Daily Dress Code - 5 points per day 


    * Top - Black only!  Fitted tank or tee.

    * Bottom - Black only!  Leggings, shorts with tights.



    * Top - Black t -shirt

    * Bottom - Black athletic shorts or black joggers.



    Tan Twyla's are required this year for every dancer in our program. Please write your name on the inside of each shoe.

    Dee's Dancewear, Mesa - 25% off on August 4th! 

    Body Language - Chandler Mall 



    Tan, stirrup tights are required for each dance concert.  If you do not have tights, you will not perform!   Tan leggins and panty hose DO NOT COUNT!   

    You can get tights at Dee's, Body Language or onlne at multiple sites.