• If you are interested in being an international scholar at HUSD schools, get started here. HUSD only accepts international students through agencies approved through the current Council on Standards for International Travel (CSIET).

    Agencies with whom HUSD currently collaborates:
     * Most the agencies we collaborate with also send US students abroad in their programs too. If any US student is interested in studying abroad, please research our partner agencies.

    See what our high schools have to offer:

    All 9th - 11th grade international scholars may take part in HUSD’s junior varsity sports teams, including football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, softball, and tennis.
    Participation in extracurricular activities and clubs is another great way for international students to experience an authentic, American high school lifestyle. In particular, students can get involved with the district’s award-winning music department programs.
    High school diplomas may be awarded to international scholars in the 12th grade who have expressed a desire to complete one upon applying to attend, as long as they meet the diploma requirements.
    HUSD does not provide international scholars with financial assistance for such things as class rings, yearbooks, activity cards or lunches.
    The district will not admit students who have graduated from their respective school systems.