• Williams Field High School senior Peter Gregus graduates in May with a vision for how leadership will impact his future.

    Gregus, who is currently the treasurer of Car Club and involved in Robotics Club, said his leadership in throughout high school has not been marked by a long collection of titles, but by his experiences as a support system for peers who are struggling.

    “I choose others over myself first,” Gregus said. “I put those who need help more than I do in front of myself to help them.”

    This is a style of leadership that Gregus clearly displayed in Photography Club, in which he won top recognition at a recent regional competition. With this group, he took the initiative to mentor a class, thanks to his strong experience in the subject.

    “As a group and team, things get accomplished much faster and more efficiently if you work together and take a leadership role,” Gregus said.

    For Gregus, being a leader is about helping the world progress. At the same time, he said that leadership helped him move forward in many ways.

    “Being a leader has gotten me some opportunities in colleges and other organizations and clubs, because being a leader shows those who look over me and oversee me that I’m trying my best and that I’ll do my best,” Gregus said.

    Gregus will attend Arizona State University on scholarship, where he will study mechanical engineering in the fall. He will take part in the 4+1 Accelerated Program to earn his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.