• Williams Field High School senior Peter Douglas graduates in May as a leader who takes initiative to help those around him at every chance.

    Douglas doesn’t wait for others to act on his behalf. He is a mentor to other students in many realms, including varsity baseball, Link Crew and Biotech Club. To share and expand on his interests, he even formed Williams Field’s Sports Analytics Club, where he serves as president.

    “It’s just given me the opportunity to be able to learn how to lead,” Douglas said. “I really didn’t have any experience leading before. Coming here gave me a lot of opportunity.”

    Douglas said the opportunities Williams Field afforded him allowed him to apply his pre-existing skills in new areas.

    “I’m not afraid of public speaking,” Douglas said. “I can talk. I can make things happen and that’s kind of my personality. I don’t like to sit around. I don’t like to waste time and I make things happen, and that’s definitely one of the best characteristics of leaders you can have.”

    “Leadership’s important in so many ways. I mean, there’s obviously people in this world that are born to lead. Those people get ahead in life and those are the people I want to look up to. There are people in my life who are known, who are real leaders. I look up to those people. I want to be like them. They make things happen and that’s what leadership is.”

    After graduation, Douglas will serve a two-year mission with his church. Following his mission, he will attend Brigham Young University to major in business in hopes of becoming an entrepreneur.