• Williams Field High School senior Natalie Guzman graduates in May as a leading student athlete with a future in STEM.

    Guzman said she has always been organized, but her time at Williams Field taught her to apply this skill into greater areas of her life. This year, she served as captain of the women’s volleyball team and treasurer of National English Honor Society.

    “I’d say a big part of leadership is responsibility and being able to organize where things are going and what needs to be done,” Guzman said.

    As a student leader, Guzman was recognized numerous times for her efforts through coach’s awards, with a Black Hawk Award and as a finalist for the Ken Vandehei Memorial Scholarship. However, she said being a mentor and making connections at Williams Field was worth just as much.

    “I like to have that nice responsibility of helping people out and making them feel better,” Guzman said. “It’s really taught me to be a better person overall.”
    Guzman will attend Arizona State University to study biomedical engineering in the fall.