• Williams Field High School senior Katie Marqueling graduates in May leaving behind a legacy of an impactful new event for future students to re-create.

    Marqueling is already highly involved in the Williams Field community. She is the historian of the Associated Student Body, chairman of the Blood Drive and a marching band alumna. This year, she was determined to co-chair a brand new council to create Williams Field’s first Make-A-Wish Week.

    “From something that never happened before to see this great outcome, raising the most money in Arizona, it’s just a great experience,” Marqueling said.

    For Marqueling, this success does not mean she is racing to finish in the lead. She said leadership is about doing what’s best for the whole, which requires leaders to understand everyone’s differences.

    “(My experience) taught me that leadership is not about being above the people,” Marqueling said. “It’s about being with the people and helping them along the way as they’re helping you along the way.”

    Marqueling is attending Northern Arizona University to study international affairs in the fall. She will minor in German and plans to join the military after her college graduation.

    “The military shows so much leadership and to be an officer in the military, you need a lot of leadership,” Marqueling said. “The skills that I’ve learned, I can definitely apply to something later on.”