• Williams Field High School senior Joriel Cura graduates in May as a student leader whose growth within organizations always came with some giving back.

    During his time in high school, Cura gained opportunities to lead diverse clubs. He is the producer of Black Hawk Buzz, after spending three years in Williams Field’s video production and student news programs, while serving as secretary of Pi Club. He is also secretary of National Honor Society, where he leads more than 100 members.

    “I attribute (my) success to my roles of a leader,” Cura said. “Being a leader shifted my own mindset of what it means to be a student. It’s definitely made me more responsible, more aware of the consequences of my own actions and my own duties as a student.”

    Cura understands that not everyone has the same skills. He said he believes in recognizing the potential in every person, because everyone makes mistakes and deserves a helping hand.

    “A good leader shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help or be afraid to admit their own faults,” Cura said. “Mistakes come with everything. That’s just part of being human. The thing that matters is that you keep trying.”

    By practicing this style of leadership through student organizations and hands-on programs at Williams Field, Cura said he learned to always put pride second.

    By doing so, he no longer has the fears that he said holds people back from leading.

    “I’ve opened up to not only talk to others or expressing my own ideas, but also to not be afraid to take that leadership role, to step into that leadership role,” Cura said. “I’m much more unafraid of making mistakes.”

    Cura will attend Arizona State University to study filmmaking in the fall as a part of Barret, the Honors College.