• Williams Field High School senior Hannah Kirsch graduates in May leaving behind a legacy of school pride and a unified community.

    Kirsch believes that leadership matters as much as academic excellence. In addition to being Williams Field’s student body president, she showed this through involvement in National Honor Society, National English Honor Society and Unified Sports.

    “Williams Field has given me the opportunities to grow as a leader,” Kirsch said. “With the activities that they have here at the school, we have more of an opportunity to grow our skills that we have. If we need help, we have the teachers that are there with those skills, as well, to guide us along the way.”

    As student body president, Kirsch took these opportunities to help her peers interact with and learn from diverse student council leaders from other states. The staff at WFHS helped her greatly in achieving this.

    “We are so close with the administration as students,” Kirsch said. “The dynamic of Williams Field is more like a big family and we can ask any questions that need to be asked in order to get something complete, done on time, and I think that has taught me to be more responsible with my work.”

    Though she once was more reserved, Kirsch said her teachers helped her become a confident student who leads a school and gives a speech at graduation.

    “I love working with them every day,” Kirsch said. “They have taught me each and every way of how to be a leader and how to connect with other people in order to make it out in the world after graduation.”

    Kirsch will major in sports management at Temple University in Philadelphia in the fall. She said she is prepared for the hands-on program because of Williams Field.