• Williams Field High School senior Alyssa Anne Lim graduates in May as a young leader who has left a mark in academics and many student organizations.

    During her time at Williams Field, Lim was involved in a handful of extracurricular activities, taking leadership positions in many. She was president of the school’s math club, vice president of National English Honor Society, secretary of Chess Club and secretary of the Go Green Club. According to Lim, displays of leadership don’t come naturally to all, but they always require effort.

    “You have to take initiative for you to actually put yourself out there,” Lim said. “It’s taught me to be better with working with peers and cooperating with other people.”

    Lim said her leadership experience allowed her to break out of her shell. As Math Club president, she often found herself not only doing the planning, but also leading meetings and reaching out to members intentionally.

    “Ever since I’ve tried to get more involved in the community and in clubs at school, I’ve been able to evolve as a person and be more comfortable talking to other people and just working with others,” Lim said.

    Lim’s efforts in her club not only benefited her, but it also allowed her team to take second place in a math competition.

    “(Leadership) helps you grow as a person and it helps other people grow, because not only am I enhancing my own skills, I’m also helping other people be better at achieving their best potential,” Lim said.

    Lim will attend Arizona State University and major in electrical engineering in the fall. She will be enrolled in the university’s accelerated program to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in one track.