• Williams Field High School senior Miller Browne graduates in May, continuing his long-standing athletic legacy into the future.

    Being the captain of the men’s varsity swim team had always been in Browne’s sights. However, he said it was when he began to grow as a leader and beat his best times that he made it a goal. Now, in the position he strived for, he is helping peers realize what they’re capable of.

    “I think if you’re encouraging people and you’re telling them all the things that you know that they can do, then that’s what really motivates people and gets people to do things,” Browne said.

    In addition to athletics, Browne has also been involved in student organizations at Williams Field. His experience as vice president of National English Honor Society is just one example of the many opportunities he has had to lead, or simply be involved.

    “You can be a leader in any aspect that you want at this school,” Browne said. “Whatever you choose to go for, you can become a leader in that. You can strive. You really advance.”

    Upon graduation, Browne said he plans to continue his leadership in both academics and in swim. He will attend the University of Wyoming, majoring in civil engineering and joining the swim team — perhaps one day getting to be captain again.