• Higley High School senior Sophia Kaylor graduates in May on her path to becoming a pilot and a leader who is always peer-first.

    Kaylor is a member of National Honor Society and was a student athlete in track. This involvement displayed the type of peer she always aims to be: A leader who is a friend first, and never above anyone else.

    “I have no desire to be on top or be number one,” Kaylor said. “I want to be there to encourage and support the people around me.”

    Since beginning high school, Kaylor said she was able to capitalize on this style of leadership by being more open and understanding of her classmates’ perspectives.

    “You initiate positive impact on your friends, your community and your family,” Kaylor said.
    Kaylor is currently on track to receive her full pilot’s license, and hopes to be a test pilot for Boeing or a civilian contractor for the U.S. Air Force in the future.

    Having taken engineering, AP and ROTC classes at Higley High, she said she is prepared to work with diverse people, as she has at Higley.

    “It’s just taught me that getting perspectives will be important as an aerospace engineer when brainstorming and being cooperative,” Kaylor said. “Working as a team is really important to get stuff done.”