• Nathaniel Greenwald

    Higley High School senior Nathaniel Greenwald graduates in May as a student leader who believes in paving a path for others, instead of having others pave his.

    During his time at Higley High, Greenwald said he was inspired by the peers and staff who taught him to persevere in his own direction, while always helping others.

    “Higley taught me my own leadership style by following my own way,” he said. “Do what you want to do. Don’t follow what everyone else wants to do. Follow your dreams.”

    Greenwald’s involvement in wrestling for three years displayed his ability to lead early on.

    “When my team was down during wrestling, I would always cheer everybody up and keep people going,” he said.

    Now, he said the lessons Higley taught him have helped him lead with the intention.

    “I can understand and relate to more people, and feel where people are coming from,” Greenwald said. “Freshman year, I was more of a follower, but senior year, I’ve become who I am.”

    Greenwald plans to attend the University of Hawaii at Hilo to study marine biology. He said he hopes to make a difference as a leader in research.

    “Being a leader is important because you’re the one who’s changing everyone else’s opinion, or you’re changing the future,” Nathaniel said. “You’re not just a follower. You’re something different in society.”