• Higley High School senior Natasha Westrope graduates in May looking onward to her future in choreography as the current president of Higley High’s Illusion Dance Company.

    During her presidency, Westrope received the Arizona Merit Scholarship for dance and is currently in the running for the National Merit scholarship. She credits Higley High dance teacher Hailey Tyler for guiding her and teaching her to inspire others as a choreographer and a leader.

    “I was very timid my freshman year,” Westrope said. “I didn’t talk a lot. Then, I found my voice and I was able to communicate better with people. I got a better understanding of people, how they think and how they learn.”

    Westrope, also a member of National Honor Society, said Illusion Dance Company showed her the effort that’s needed to run a concert and a whole program.

    “Not everybody learns the same, so it helps me find out different pathways I can take when I hit a road block,” she said.

    While attending Northern Arizona University, Westrope said she will pursue choreography and open a YouTube channel for her dance to continue her leadership in the performing arts.

    “It brings everyone together as a community,” Westrope said. “We all find connections with each other that maybe we didn’t find out before.”