• Sariah Fairbanks

    Higley High School senior Sariah Fairbanks graduates in May with diverse experiences that unleashed her confidence to lead.

    While Fairbanks said she was once shy, her current performing arts and sports involvement show how much she has evolved since being a freshman at the Gilbert school.

    Currently, she is a Unified Sports athlete who paves the way for students with special needs to play football, basketball and more.

    “It helps to feel like special needs kids can also do anything that they put their minds into,” Fairbanks said. “I wanted to try something new every day.”

    Choir and art program leaders at Higley High also encouraged her to challenge herself. Today, Sariah said she has improved her communication skills and fearlessly performs the National Anthem with a focus on building respect for the people who protect the country.

    “It taught me that I should be feeling a bit more confident about myself than thinking negative, than putting too much stress,” she said. “If you keep working on it, then just let it flow and it helps to build up for more confidence.”

    As she considers future career paths as a singer, cartoon artist and more, Fairbanks said she hopes to use the creativity she discovered in herself to make others feel special, too.