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    Employees are encouraged to use an Alternate Mode of Transportation (carpool, ride your bicycle, bus or walk) to get to work. As a participant you are eligible for several benefits by participating in the Higley Unified School District Trip Reduction Program.

    • Quarterly Drawings - Each quarter 1 winner will be selected from each sites participants to receive a prize.
    • Monthly Drawing - Each Month during the school year 1 winner will be selected from active participants as the BEST AMU to receive a prize.
    • Our Guaranteed Ride Home program gives you peace of mind knowing that in the event of an unforeseen emergency on the days that you use an alternative mode we will get you home in an emergency.
    • Employees interested in carpooling can contact the Site Coordinator for assistance in finding a Carpool Match.
    • Carpool parking is available for registered carpoolers. At least 3 Carpool Spaces are available to registered carpoolers. Contact the Site Coordinator for more information/registration.
    • A bike rack is available for our bicyclists to use and secure their bikes to on days they ride it work. This gives you peace of mind knowing your bike is secure and safe.
    • Showers are available to all employees that choose to run, walk, bike to work.
    • A Trip Reduction Bulletin Board is located on your work site that has additional information.

    To become an active member of the HUSD Trip Reduction Program, please contact Ben Bucholz to sign up and join the fight against air pollution.