• Alternative Assignment (Project)  


    You are to write a paper that describes the process of making the project that is missing and/or broken. The paper needs to be typed and at least 2 -3 pages in length. Size of font should be 12, in Times New Roman, double spaced. Included with the paper, you need to attach your five final sketches, the Project Completion Rubric, along with the Reflection, (fill it out as if you finished the project.) 

    Be sure to include the following in the paper:                                                                     

    Your name


    Class & Period



    Title of Project (Centered over the first paragraph)

    1st Paragraph: Introduction: Introduce the project, tell what it is, and explain the rubric for the project. Be specific and describe in depth.

    2nd Paragraph: Brainstorming: Write about what you did to come up with your idea of the project.

    3rd Paragraph: Construction: Write how you made your project. Include tool terms and the correct clay terms we have used in class. This should be a process paper that includes the steps you used or should have used to create the project. Underline or highlight the Ceramic vocabulary in your paper. This should be written as if you are explaining the construction process to another student, in depth with great detail. Be sure to use the correct ceramic terms and tools needed and used.

    4th Paragraph: Where did it go?: In this section, you are to write what did or what you think happened to your project. If it broke, suggest reasons as to why it broke. If it came up missing, write that. Write down the situation as to where your project is and what happened to it. Why are you writing this paper instead of completing the project?

    Attachments to paper include:

         Benchmark Rubric with COMPLETION (Step 4) filled out as if you completed the project

         Sketches: Include final sketches, in color from 5 different views of the expected completed project.


    Grading the alternative assignment (100 points total):

         Introduction: (10 pts.)

         Brainstorming: (10 pts.)

         Construction: (50 pts.)

         Where did it go: (10 pts.)

         Rubric: (10 pts.)

         Sketches: (10 pts.)______________                 

                   /100 pts possible