• Expectations:

    Students are expected to maintain the safety and productivity of the classroom environment. This means to be respectful of other students, the teacher, and school property. Students should be leaders in the classroom by seeking and giving help, raising their hand to ask and answer questions, walking with voices off through the hallways, and participating fully in classroom learning. Students are also expected to be prepared to learn every day by having all the necessary materials with them at school when needed.

    Rules and Mission Statement:

    As a class on the first day of school, students discussed what the classroom rules mean to them and the importance of everyone following them. The class also collaborated and created a classroom mission statement, which students then signed as a contract.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Listen respectfully when others are speaking

    2. Follow the 7 Habits and be a leader

    3. Be safe and act appropriately in the classroom and the school

    4. Try hard and do your best every day

    5. Follow all directions the first time


    Homework: Any unfinished work is considered homework and is expected to be completed and returned.

    Birthdays: Your child may bring a treat from the approved Health Office list to celebrate their special day (please adhere to peanut allergy list if this applies). District policy requires that treats are store bought and have a nutrition label. Please do not send any treats that require refrigeration. Pencils or stickers can be given out instead of a treat if you choose. If treats are brought in they will be distributed at recess or lunch.

    Toys: Please do not allow toys or school supplies that can double as toys to come to school. They can be a distraction. Playground equipment is allowed. Please make sure any equipment is labeled with your child’s name. Students must understand that they are responsible for their own equipment.

    Snacks & Water Bottles: Students are encouraged to bring a labeled water bottle and a healthy snack that follows the nut allergy guidelines from the Health Office to school each day. Snacks will not be provided by the classroom teacher.

    Lunch Then Recess

    Breakfast may be purchased 7:45am- 8:00am.