• 2005
    More Changes
    A transition and remodel phase
    Picture 1: Higley Elementary and Middle School   Picture 2 & 3: Higley students and construction phase

    In 2005, Higley middle school students wanted to be recognized. The student council president, Travis Walker, and other students asked Higley School Board if the name of the school could officially be changed.

    After a presentation, the board unanimously agreed to let Higley Elementary become Higley Elementary and Middle School. Eighth grade students also designed the school's flag. The designer of the winning flag was Travis Schaffer. The flag included a hawk, a mountain, fire, and a sunset.

    The school yearbook of 2005 shows a large change in the number of teachers, administration and many new students.

    There are also photos of construction on campus where roads were torn up and buildings were fenced off for remodeling.

    Centennial Celebration year
    Celebrating 100 years
    Celebrating 100 years 

    In 2010, Higley Elementary and Middle School celebrated its 100 years as a school.

    From Higley Elementary to Higley Traditional Academy
    Higley Signs
    Higley Elementary to Higley Traditional Academy

    By 2013, Higley Elementary was converted to the Higley Traditional Academy. The school’s conversion to a traditional academy for students in kindergarten to sixth grade involved some significant changes. 

    For students and teachers, changes included the new arrangement of desks, uniforms, and a new curriculum for Spalding reading, writing, and spelling, as well as Saxon math.

    In addition, math was accelerated by one year, which meant that kindergarteners learned what was currently considered first grade math, while first graders learned second-grade math, and so on.

    In 2013-2014, the district opened its first middle schools, leading to the conversion of all elementary schools grades K-6.