• Charms log in instructions

     Go to www.charmsoffice.com

    Click on the blue button in the top right for parents

    The school code is Higley, case sensitive.

    From this page you can see the calendar and access the folders for all forms.

    For more information, and to see financial information, you need to log into the student area by using your student's school ID number.  You can change the password after your first time logging in.


    The CHARMS financial statement is an incredibly useful tool for both students/parents and directors. This statement gives students/parents a snapshot of exactly what has been paid and what has yet to be paid. It includes trips, shoes, gloves, band fees, etc....

    The statement consists of the trip ledger balance, the fixed payments due, the fundraising balance, and the miscellaneous balance, which are summarized at the top of the financial statement. We will occasionally email this statement, however, for your convenience it is accessible online 24/7 through CHARMS.

    Account Summary:
    The first section is a balance only summary of the rest of the statement. It will show payments that need to be made, credit that is currently held, and a total showing what is still owed to cover all entered expenses. The sections that follow contain more detailed information.

    Trip Ledger Balance:
    The trip ledger balance will list any trips you will be attending and show each payment you have made and show how much you have left to pay. You may make a trip payment by bringing cash, money order, or cashiers check to Mr. Sharp. If you are paying with tax credit please bring Mr. Sharp a copy of the receipt.

    Fixed Payments Due:
    This section will show band fees only. We may use it for other items in the future. Partial payments are not tracked in CHARMS. Any partial payments are held in the miscellaneous account until the whole FIXED PAYMENT can be covered. Then funds can be transferred to cover the fee.

    Fundraising Balance:
    The fundraising balance section of the financial statement is used to track how much each student has fundraised. It will also show any items checked out to students, such as cards or product.

    Miscellaneous Balance:
    As the name suggests, this area is used for any miscellaneous items or costs. E.g., if a student loses a required equipment item and needs to purchase a new one in the middle of marching season, the item will be listed here.

    Also, CHARMS does not allow a single online payment to be made to multiple sections at the same time, e.g., making a trip payment and paying a band fee at the same time. To work around this a single payment will be made in the miscellaneous ledger. Once completed a transfer will need to be made. You can click the "request transfer" tab at the top of the financial statement page and make a request for the payment to be applied to specific areas and items. This will help the treasurer know to make a transfer instead of them going through each student's account to see who needs a transfer made.

Last Modified on July 20, 2018