• "BooGrams Duty" Schedule
    Role: StuGo officers will participate in this holiday fundraiser. StuGo officers will be assigned to one of two stations on campus to sell BooGram orders. StuGo officers will fill out form and collect money 2 weeks prior to Halloween when Boograms will be distributed to homeroom teachers. 
    *Pick up BooGram Order Envelopes from Ms. Semodio (Room 360) at 7:40 and return when bell rings at 8:05 am.
     (FG - Front Gate, BG - Bus Gate)

    10/22 – Cailyn, Jazlyn (FG) Claire, Ella (BG)

    10/23 – Pry’nce, Allie (FG) Siena, Lexi (BG)

    10/24 – Tyson, Allie (FG) Pry’nce, Jazlyn (BG)

    10/25 – Claire, Lexi (FG) Ella, Tyson (BG)

    10/26 – Pry’nce, Allie (FG) Ella, Jazlyn (BG)

    10/29 – Siena, Lexi (FG) Tyson, Cailyn (BG)

    10/30 – Jazlyn, Claire (FG) Pry’nce, Tyson (BG)

    10/31 – Lexi, Allie (FG) Siena, Jazlyn (BG)

    11/1 – Claire, Allie (FG) Pry’nce, Cailyn (BG)

    11/2 – (Fall Festival) – Tyson, Lexi (FG) Ella, Siena (BG)