Spanish II- Course Syllabus 

    Course Description

    This course is a continuation of Spanish I and features application of language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  You will learn new vocabulary and grammar to expand your usage of the language in interpersonal, interpretive and presentational situations.  You will continue to explore the culture of the countries in which Spanish is spoken with a focus on Spain. This course follows the World Readiness Standards by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. 


    • 2 Single-subject spiral notebooks for Interactive Notebook (one for each semester)
    • 2 glue sticks
    • Small scissors

    Requested Donations:

    • Box of tissue
    • Clorox wipes
    • Hand sanitizer


    Your letter grade will be determined by the following percentage scale:

    89.5 - 100 %    = A

    79.5 - 89.4 %   = B

    69.5 – 79.4%   = C

    59.5 - 69.4%    = D

    59.4% or below = F

    (Grades that are at .5 away from a higher grade will be rounded, as indicated above.)

    Your SEMESTER GRADE will be calculated as follows:

    20% Daily Work (Class work, Homework, Participation)

    60% Semester Assessments (Quizzes, Tests, Projects…things graded to measure how you can use or understand the content of the class)

    20% Final Exams (Includes components of Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar and Culture)

    Please check Synergy to verify your grades periodically. Keep all of your work until you can see that it was entered correctly. If there is an error, come see me to have it taken care of.

    Classroom expectations

    Electronics- There is a ZERO cell phone tolerance use policy in this class.  Cell phones and other electronics are to be put away in backpacks before the bell rings. There will be times where they will be appropriate to use, but only with the permission from the teacher.  

    1st offense- Phone taken away for rest of class

    2nd offense- Phone will be taken to office for the rest of the school day, Parent contact

    3rd offense- Phone will be taken to office for the rest of the school day, and logical consequence (i.e. After school detention)

    Food/Drink- Absolutely NO food or drinks are allowed in the classroom (except water.) If a student brings a drink into the classroom they will be told to throw it out upon entering.  This is HIGHLY stressed, as there will be a student with a severe food allergy in this class. 

    Class participation- It is an expectation that students participate in class in the target language on a daily basis. The class goal this year is to have both the teacher and students speaking in the target language 90% of the time by the end of the school year. 

    Homework- We will spend much of our class time on speaking/listening/interactive activities to practice our Spanish and to discuss cultural information.  Therefore, much of your homework will consist of practice activities and projects that will help expand your knowledge of language and culture.  Additionally, you will be expected to complete assigned activities outside of the classroom that give you more opportunities to learn and use Spanish.

    Interactive Notebook- You will be required to keep a Cuaderno interactivo (single-subject spiral notebook) for this course.  This notebook will be kept in an Interactive Notebook style and will be where you keep important notes, practices and reference information.   Make sure you keep your Cuaderno current, neat and organized, as it will be collected and graded periodically throughout the semester as part of your grade.

    Assessments- Assessments will include a wide variety of formats, both formative and summative.  You will complete assessments as we work on vocabulary, grammar, and culture information to help us gauge how you are doing with the content.  You will also have assessments that require you to interact with others, interpret various types of information, and present in a variety of contexts.

    Retest/Redo Opportunities:  You are permitted to redo or retake assessments based on teacher discretion (excluding the final exams).  

    Vocabulary/grammar quizzes must be retaken before the end of the current unit, and you will receive the average of your original quiz score and retake quiz score.  

    Unit test corrections must be done within 1 week of receiving your test score back.  You may receive up to 0.5 point back per question that you correctly complete per the test correction form.

    Late Work:   Complete your work on time!  For excused absences and extenuating circumstances, you may still earn full credit.  Other reasons will cause you to lose points and earn a maximum of 80% credit, subject to teacher discretion.

    Following School Policies: You are expected to follow the policies outlined in the HUSD Student Code of Conduct at all times.  When completing assignments and projects, you must follow all Acceptable Use Policies and Copyright Laws by citing your sources and avoiding any kind of plagiarism. If you are caught plagiarizing, you will lose credit for the assignment.  This includes using GOOGLE TRANSLATE for assignments.  Redoing the assignment for credit will be at teacher discretion.

    Classroom Behavior:

    • Speak in the target language as much as possible!!
    • Show respect for the teacher, your peers, yourself, and the classroom.
    • Be honest. Do your own work.
    • Be prepared. Come to class to learn! 

    Behavioral Action Plan

    You are in high school, and I will treat you as a young adult as you take responsibility for your actions.  However, if you choose to behave in an inappropriate manner, the following consequences may result.

    1. Private discussion. You will explain what you did, why it was inappropriate and the steps you plan to take in order for the behavior to stop.
    2. Parent contact and logical consequence (i.e. After school detention)
    3. Administrative involvement (Referral)

    Attendance:  You are responsible to make up any missed assignments, notes, or assessments.  You will have one day per day you were gone to make up these items.  All long term assignments and tests must still be completed on time.  

    Attendance Policy Changes per School Board: A student will be considered absent from class if they enter the classroom more than ten minutes after the designated start time.  If the student has a valid reason to be late to class, it will be an excused absence. The absence will be considered unexcused if the student is late without being excused by the school administration or the parent signing in the child late.  If you would like to receive attendance updates throughout the day, you have the option to sign up in ParentVUE.

    Tardies:  If you arrive late with a pass, please hand me your pass, take your seat and join in the class work.  Excessive tardies without an excused pass, will result in disciplinary action.  On your 3rd tardy to my class, you will serve after school detention (ASD).  Any further tardies will result in a referral to the administration.

    Fire Drill

    Take your valuables, but leave everything else behind.  Stay with Ms. Mota and make a single file line in the designated area on the football field.  Please DO NOT stray from your class to talk with friends.

    Lock Down:

    Move quietly and quickly to the front wall of the room, out of sight from all windows.  DO NOT use your cell phone or electronics and make sure they are turned off!  DO NOT talk to anyone—it should be SILENT!

    Class Outline 

    Semester 1                                                           Semester 2

    Unit 1: La familia y la casa                                     Unit 6: La niñez y el tiempo

    Unit 2: En la escuela                                              Unit 7: La salud

    Unit 3: La rutina diaria y los deberes                       Unit 8:  Las noticias

    Unit 4: De compras                                                Unit 9: De viaje

    Unit 5: En el restaurante                                         Unit 10: La ciudad

    Parent tips for student success:

    1. Check parent portal periodically to keep up with your student grades.
    2. Look at your student’s notebook and homework calendar to see if he/she has stamps that indicate classwork and homework is being completed.
    3. Discuss concerns with your student and contact me for any reason.

    (Jennifer.mota@husd.org ;  480-279-7354)

    1. Make sure your student has daily, dedicated study and homework time.
    2. Verify that your student is completing their projects and assignments.

    Syllabus Acknowledgement:

    Please go to Mrs. Mota’s Teacher Webpage and complete the electronic Syllabus Acknowledgement form, which affirms that both the student and a parent/guardian have read and understand the policies in the syllabus.  This step is a 10 point participation grade!

     Syllabus Acknowledgement Form