• Critique Review: The Ash Girl


    As outlined in your syllabus, your 2nd required critique review is coming up. The Ash Girl is taking place on February 25th, 26th, and 27th in the Concert Hall of the Higley Center. The show starts at 7 pm and is $5. Make it an evening out with your friends. There will be a check-in at the door. (If you are unable to attend this performance for WHATEVER reason, you must attend another community performance. It is your responsibility to find a show before the break since you have had plenty of time to figure this out. You MUST INCLUDE the program and ticket for proof of attendance in addition to the paper). For those attending The Ash Girl, the program is not required to be attached to the paper this time. 


    These dates have been posted all year on the theatre arts page. The show you are analyzing is performed, designed, and directed by the Advanced Company class.


    Paper Format: Papers should be a minimum of two pages typed, double-spaced, with a 12-point Times or Arial font. Margins should measure one inch on all four sides. Structure, grammar, and spelling will all be included in the final grade. You must have a ticket stub or a program attached to your paper.

    Assignment Description: A good play review is a personal analysis of the play performance; it is not a breakdown of the plot or a description of the production elements. You are to apply critical thinking skills to evaluate the performance, to consider its objectives then judge its effectiveness. All opinions must be supported and substantiated with specific examples from the performance.

    Paper Organization: Your paper should resemble the basic structure outlined below.


    1. Introduction: Begin with an introductory paragraph listing key information: play titles, playwright, director, theatre, performance date and time. Discuss any prior knowledge of the play, playwright, theatre, and/or your expectations of the production. A thesis statement should end the paragraph. II.
    2. Production Successes: In four separate paragraphs, discuss the four most successful elements or moments in the production. With thorough and specific examples, describe the four best parts of the performance in your opinion; be sure to explain why the elements worked for the play and why you liked them. These elements can be any part of the production; possible elements to consider are…
    • Play, the story, plot, and/or play script of the performance.
    • Theme, the lesson or message of the play and/or production.
    • Mood and tone, the atmosphere of the play and/or production.
    • Acting, the portrayal of the characters. (Include names of any actors you discuss.)
    • Directing, the artistic vision of the production.
    • Set, the physical world of the production.
    • Lighting, the visibility and mood of the production.
    • Costumes and make-up, the look of the characters.
    • Sound, the effects and music used in the production.
    • Special effects, additional and/or exceptional technical elements.
    • Scene changes, the movement of time and place within the production.
    • Production Problems: After you discuss what worked in the performance, you can discuss any elements or moments that did not seem successful to you or that did not fit the play in your opinion. Describe the element, why it did not work for you, and how it affected the performance. Most importantly, you should offer possible solutions or changes that would correct the listed problem(s).
    1. Compare, Contrast, Recommend: In this paragraph, compare and contrast this performance with others you have seen. Use specific examples to discuss how this production was different or similar to others. Make recommendations of who you think would best enjoy this production. Always provide specific and detailed support for your recommendations and opinions. If you’ve never seen another performance, compare this one to what your expectations of this show were.
    2. Conclusion: Bring the review to a proper close. Determine whether your expectations and/or initial reactions were confirmed or denied. Share anything you may have learned from the performance.


    Due Date: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2019 - This will be part of your fourth quarter grade.  

    Late papers will not be accepted. Check your ink levels prior to the morning due. I will not accept an emailed copy.