• Our classroom rules consist of three basic principles:

    Respect Yourself

    Respect Others

    Respect Property

    The six pillars of character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) will be taught, modeled, and followed throughout the school year.

    Our classroom is based mainly on positive reinforcement. Students will be given positive reinforcement through individual recognition, class points, partner points, stickers, treats, and of course, positive praise. The main goal is to instill in each child the concepts of intrinsic rewards and taking responsibility for one’s individual behaviors. 

    Students will also maintain a daily behavior report to communicate behavior with parents.  This report will be initialed each weeknight, signed over the weekend and returned on Monday. The steps to the behavior report are as follows:

    Blue:  Excellent (consistently follows rules)

    Purple:  Good Choices

    Green:  Ready to Learn

    Yellow:  Think About It (reminded of rules occasionally)

    Orange:  Time Out (reminded of rules often)

    Red:  Principal/Parent Contact (expecting better behavior)