• C.U.T.S

    (Court Unified Truancy Suppression)


    Did you know that Truancy is known as a "gateway offense" often leading to further delinquent activity?  With this in mind, the Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department has developed several Truancy Suppression programs for schools to implement on their campuses.  These programs have proven to be effective tools in reducing truancy in schools and increasing promotion rates of students.  The CUTS program has proven that the collaboration between the school, parents, student and the probation department is effective in reducing truancy and subsequently curbing deliquent activity. 
    Coronado Elementary issues a letter regarding attendance to students who have met the following criteria:
    • 1st letter = 5 or more absences
    • 2nd letter = 9 or more absences
    • 3rd letter = 13 or more absences
    • 4th letter = 18 or more absences
    • Conference with school administrator


    *Please note that the absences count whethere they are excused or unexcused.*