• Syllabus

    Please see:

    Mrs. Rogers' for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-hour inclusion English class

    Mrs. Vidaure's 4th inclusion English Class or

    Ms. Cassinat's 7th-hour math class

     I respond to emails and voice mails within 24 hours. Please note, weekends may be the following business day. If you need to speak with me in person, please contact me to schedule a time to talk.  

    Parent Vue / Student Vue is the online grade book for all student courses. Students and parents that need the login information can get it from the front desk with a driver’s license or ID. Cooley values family privacy and confidential information is listed on the Parent Vue / Student Vue portal, thus the need to prove identity. Please check on the online grade book frequently for updated assignments, scores, and notes about individual student performance in the class.


    ***** By appointment with me (due to meetings)*****

    General Education teachers will have tutor availability posted on their bulletin board. There will also be specific days during tutoring that are used for test retakes, students will need to check those dates as well.


    During the first days of school, the students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the conduct policy that I will use to guide our learning environment. I believe in a respectful, responsible, and safe learning and teaching environment and will be expecting cooperation from each student in maintaining this atmosphere. The school day is a workday for all of us, and our expectation is that we take advantage of every minute for learning. We will collaborate to build a community of learners by forming the foundational trust necessary to complete our yearlong goals. This starts with students knowing that they have a voice in their learning and that their contribution matters; every day.

    Follow all classroom procedures in all classes, classroom rules for Room 225 are:

    1. Be respectful to others in word and action. YOU are responsible and accountable for YOUR choices. This is shown by: RESPECT towards yourself, your fellow students, and your teachers
    2. Sit in your assigned seat. Movement around the room requires permission.
    3. We want to hear what you have to say, so please raise your hand first.
    4. Please follow the directions the first time as we have many great things to do!
    5. Strive to be here every day
    6. Expect consequences when making a bad decision
    7. Learn by paying attention, completing work, and asking questions
    8. Do YOUR personal best!!

    Classroom Management Policy:

    My classroom will be following Cooley’s three-step system.

    • Verbal Warning
    • Student Sent to the Hall
      • Lunch Detention(s)
      • Parent Contact
    • Referral
    • For some issues, I may skip the first or second step.