• Cooley Middle School

    Mrs. Arzola-Bass


    Strategies Syllabus

    Hello and welcome to Organizational Strategies. My name is Mrs. Arzola-Bass, I will be your Organizational Strategies Teacher the 2021-22 school year! 

    My contact information:

    Email- Denise.Arzola-Bass@husd.org

    Room- 216

    Phone Number- 480-279-8300 or voice mail 480-279-6847

    Tutoring Times- Before/after school and during lunch by appointment only

    Please feel free to email or call anytime before or after school! I'm always happy to talk and answer questions. 

    Course description:

    Strategies is a fun combination of many things. I am excited to see where this year takes us! We will specifically work on organizational skills (backpacks, binders, work etc.), practice work/ assignment completion, growth mindset, goal setting/reaching, and strategies to overcome challenges we face on a daily basis. 


    • Three Subject Notebook Specifically For Strats (it will be left in the classroom)
    • One two pocket folder specifically for Strats (will be collected
    • Pencil and erasers 
    • Highlighters, any color 
    • Glue Sticks
    • Expo markers (we can write on the desks!) 
    • 1 pack 100 count 3"x 5" ruled index cards (will be collected on the first or second week of school, to be used throughout the school year) 
    • 2 boxes of tissues (or more is welcomed)

    Any other drawing tools they need to complete their growth mindset journals and projects. As well as all materials needed to complete practice work in other areas. 


    • Practice Assignments/Independant- 25%
    • Quizes- 15%
    • Assessments-50%
    • Final- 10%

    Projects will fall in the assessment’  category, there is no official midterm/final. We will have a class project.

    Make Ups/Absences:

    Students will only be required to make up projects/assignments that are graded in class and will be given full credit if turned in completed.


    Participation is very important. We engage in many forms of learning and you are expected to participate in them all. Come prepared to participate in all class discussions. Be prepared to defend your ideas, to think critically, and to have fun. Have your charged laptops daily to class and only have it out when instructed by the teacher. Inappropriate use of an laptops during class time can lead to confiscation. 

     Classroom Rules/Expectations:

    1. Be kind/Respectful
    2. Be positive
    3. Be responsible for your own learning
    4. Do your best
    5. Believe that you CAN!

    Classroom Management:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Reminder verbal warning
    3. Phone call home and Lunch Detention
    4. Referral/ sent to office

    Bully will not be tolerated. In my classroom, we are kind and supportive.

    Also remember-

    • Be on time. This means you are in class and sitting when the tardy bell rings.
    • Be prepared for class with all necessary materials.
    • Begin Bell work and be ready for instruction.

    Tardy Policy

    • 1stTardy-Warning and marked tardy
    • 2ndTardy- Marked tardy,  possible Lunch Detention and Phone Call Home
    • 3rdTardy and Beyond-Referral, Phone Call home, and Lunch Detention


    Treat the teacher and all other students with respect. During the first days of school, the students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the conduct policy that I will use to guide our learning environment. I believe in a respectful, responsible, safe learning and teaching environment, and will be expecting cooperation from each student in maintaining this atmosphere. The school day is a workday for all of us, and our expectation is that we take advantage of every minute for learning. We will collaborate to build a community of learners by forming the foundational trust necessary to complete our yearlong goals. This starts with students knowing that they have a voice in their learning and that their contribution matters, every day. 

    Electronics policies:

    Cell phone use is not allowed in my classroom along with any other electronic device brought from home. We have laptops that students will use as needed.

    Please sign the syllabus page sent home with your students the first week of school acknowledging that you have read this! If you have any questions, please let me know. 

    Thank you!  I look forward to a positive year!