• Students should be reading a minimum of 30 minutes each night.

    I will email home a spelling pattern for the students to practice with the weekly spelling pattern. The spelling pattern will be given in the weekly newsletter.

    Please have your child practice math and reading as much as possible, as it will help them once AASA time comes in April.




    Journeys is the reading/ELA curriculum we use in class. I will assign work for students to do for the practice on skills we learn in class. Students will have to log into this as well. The same way as mentioned in the Redbird & MyMath description.


    Here are some additional resources to practice reading, spelling, and math:

    Spelling City

    Spelling City is a fun and interactive way to practice spelling words each week. All spelling lists for each lesson have been uploaded, just make sure to click the right one. (These correlate to Journeys and NOT the 95% spelling patterns we will be using in class).


    Epic! Reading

    Epit! is a great website to read books online. You will need an class access code. The class code is llj8906. Please make sure when you get to the students page you click on the correct student number. The student number will match your child's classroom number that is on their name tags and clips.



    Freckle is a math and ELA practice website. I can assign extra practice for your child to do at home or in the classroom. Our class code is 7ayqa4


    Newsela Kids- Articles

    When you go to Newsela, there will be a "Student? Enter class code." area on the bottom left side of the screen. Our class code is EHVC4K

    This website has kid friendly news articles to help students practice reading informational texts.



    Storyline is a great website for students to listen to celebrities read popular books. Students can even get these same books from the library and read along with the celebrity.


    Kid Zone Cursive

    Print off cursive worksheets to practice cursive at home!


    Here is a great website to practice multiplication timed tests!

    This website is Math Playground, and it has many different games to play that review concepts and skills that were taught in the classroom.


    Math Practice

    This website is Math Games. It is a great way to practice and review the different skills and concepts that were taught in class. The skills are categorized into main concepts to make it easier to locate a certain skill to review or practice.