• Management Plan

    Classroom Economy

    In our Classroom Economy, students will learn real-life skills such as how to manage money, deposit/withdrawal money from the bank, and pay bills. Students will perform jobs that will help our daily routine run smoothly and, in return, they will be paid in classroom money. After each payday, student will be required to pay rent for their space in the classroom and use of materials. After the bills are paid, the rest of their money will be theirs to save... or spend. We will have a classroom store open every other week where students may purchase "dollar" items supplied by myself and any generous donations from you, the families. Where there is a positive, there is also a negative. Students may be fined for not doing the right thing, such as not completing work, breaking class rules, or falling to a low level on the clip chart.


    Easily stay connected with how your child is behaving on the ClassDojoapp. Students will earn Dojos (points) by behaving positively during the day. They can also lose Dojos for poor behavior choices. You can email me if you need a copy of your child's access code. Simply download the free ClassDojoapp and enter the unique code. Then, you will be able to see all of your child’s feedback from me in real-time, hear important announcements and updates, and see photos and videos from class! Each week, students will be able to exchange their earned Dojos for class money (see above). This is a great way to keep up with your child’s specific behaviors each day.

    Clip Chart

    Our classroom clip chart will be a visual way for students to monitor their daily behavior. The chart will consist of multiple colors to represent various levels of behavior:

    • I Am a Role Model for Others (Purple)- The top level. The student has made excellent choices throughout the day. This level is difficult to achieve. When a student reaches the purple level, they receive a gem to attach to their clip and a prize from the treasure box.
    • I Am Making Great Choices (Pink)- This level is reached when a student has made several great choices throughout the day. If a student reaches the pink level three days in one week, they will receive a gem to attach to their clip.
    • I Am Making Good Choices (Blue)- When a student has made one/some good choices, they will clip up to the blue level.
    • I Am Ready to Learn (Green)- Everyone begins the day on the green level. Some students will remain on green the entire day. Please note that being on green is not a negative thing.
    • I Should Improve My Behavior(Yellow)- This level is reached when a child makes a poor choice. This serves as a warning to the student that they need to improve their behavior.
    • I Should Think About My Choices (Orange)- If poor choices continue to be made, the student clips down to orange and will receive a Think Sheet. The student will fill out the Think Sheet explaining why their behavior was harmful and what they will do to improve it. This sheet will go home in the student's Take-Home folder and will need to be signed by someone at home to indicate that the behavior has been discussed with the student.
    • I Should Discuss My Choices (Red)- If a child continues to make poor choices, they will clip down to red. This means that the child will be referred to the office. They will also owe a $100 fine in class money.

    These management systems will only work with your support at home, so thank you in advance!