• Students and Classroom Expectations

    Ms.Beaty and I will be using the same clip chart system to record, monitor, and report student behavior. Students will move their clips throughout the day based on positive or negative behavior. Each student has a monthly behavior calendar in their orange or blue folder where they will track the color they landed on at the end of each day. There is an explanation of colors on the right side of each calendar.

    I will award students for the following behaviors:

    • Positive Point Behaviors:
      • Prepared & Ready to Learn
      • Attentive & On Task
      • Respectful & Cooperative
      • Following classroom rules
    • Negative Point Behaviors:
      • Unprepared, Not Ready
      • Inattentive or Off Task
      • Disrespectful or Uncooperative
      • Excessive Talking

    I will move clips up and down in a variety of ways:

    1. Whole Class or Small Group Work: points can be given to or taken from an entire group or class at once for a behavior or participation
    2. Individual: points can be given to or taken from an individual student for their personal behavior or participation
    3. Non-Homeroom Teacher Reports: When another adult in the building reports a student for negative/positive behavior, the homeroom teachers will also use that information in the clip chart as well.

    At the end of the day, each student will color in their behavior for the day and are to bring the folder home nightly for parents to see.

    The same consequences apply for red (behavior referral) and orange (teacher's choice). Currently, students on orange have to sit out at recess and students on red are sent to the office with a behavior referral. Of course, if there is any severe behavior disturbance, we will not wait until the end of the day to send the student(s) to the office. It would happen immediately.

    Each time a student reaches purple for exemplary behavior, they will be given a purple ticket. When they accumulate 3 purple tickets, they will get to choose a jewel to put on their clip.