• Welcome to Sixth Grade!

    Sixth Grade Personal Supplies:

    It is recommended that students have the following supplies in every class. Student supplies may need to be replenished as needed; please keep extra supplies at home.

    • 1” Binder with dividers labeled for each class (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) (NO larger than 1”)

    • Sturdy Zippered Supply bag to hold personal items (NO Plastic/Metal Boxes)

    • 8 Single-Subject College Ruled 100 pg. Composition Notebooks for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math (1 per semester-per subject)-please do not buy styles with perforated pages.

    • Plastic Sheet Protectors (25-30) • 1 folder with brads (will be kept in science room)

    • Grading pens (Red) • Wooden #2 pencils

    • 4 Highlighters—different colors

    • 4 Glue sticks

    • 2 reams of College Ruled Loose-leaf paper (1 will be collected by the homeroom teacher)

    • 8-12 Colored Pencils, Crayons, OR markers (NO Sharpies/Permanent Markers)

    • Students may need other materials to complete special projects in various classes

    Supplies to be collected by teacher:

    • 3 LARGE boxes of tissues

    • Sanitizing wipes for desks

    • Hand sanitizer

    • 4 Dry Erase Markers

    Donations of loose-leaf paper, pencils, highlighters and glue sticks would be appreciated


Last Modified on May 23, 2019