• General Information:

    School begins at 8:05 a.m. and dismissal time is at 3:05 p.m. In the mornings, children are to go to the playground starting at 7:45 until the bell rings or whistle blows.


    • If you are sending money/check to school, please put it in an envelope labeled “lunch money”.  

    Extra Clothes

    • A bag has been provided for you to fill with an extra change of clothes for your child.  
    • If and when your child uses the clothes from their bag please refill and send back to school the next day.


    For any additional activities, such as open house, conferences, book fairs, and parties, a notice will be sent home as the information comes in. Our weekly specials are Art, Library, Music and P.E. Please look at the schedule for the days of each special.


    Birthdays are special occasions for young children.More information is to come regarding celebrations. Birthday treats are allowed if they are store bought. No cupcakes please! Cookies, fruit snacks, rice crispy treats or Hostess snacks are great treats to bring in! 

    Newsletters/Communication folder:

    Communication folder will go home every day. I will include information on what we have learned that day.  Please return the Communication folders every day so that new information can be sent home.  


    More information to come.


    • If your child brings a lunch please send a separate snack that your child could keep in their backpack or a labeled ‘snack’ in their lunchbox.
    • Please pack a healthy snack, such as fruit, veggies, crackers, granola bars, etc for their morning snack.  Please avoid any snacks with chocolate in them because the chocolate melts and creates messes!
    • Please make sure that your child can eat their snack in 5 minutes or less.  
    • The children get really hot when they are outside playing.  You’re welcome to have your child bring in a water bottle, with their name on it, to bring on the playground to drink if they desire.
    • Please put names on snack, water bottles and other belongings!

    Child’s Personal Belongings

    All children’s belongings should be marked with his/her name and our room number.    Items that must be marked are:  lunch boxes, food and snack containers, water bottles, backpacks, hats, jackets and sweaters.  Please make sure that your child always wears comfortable, manageable and appropriate clothing/shoes.  If you think it is necessary to keep a change of clothing in your child’s cubby in the event of an accident, spill or other reason, that is up to you.  We do have spare clothing in the Nurse’s office that can be borrowed, laundered and returned if needed.  Please keep track of what your child brings to school each day.  Toys are NOT allowed at school.  On occasion the sharing theme may allow a certain toy to be brought for that reason only.

    Parent-Teacher Communication

    It is most important that we work together to provide a successful school experience for your child.  I will try to keep communication with you in my letters home, email and when necessary I will call you.  My email address is holly.defazio@husd.org.  I will check my email a few times a day and if there is an emergency and you need to reach me sooner, please call the front office and they will contact me.  

    Class webpage:

    All newsletters and important information will go on our class webpage which is. Please check the webpage at least once a week to be kept in the loop!

    Parent Helpers:

    I would love parent helpers starting around September.  If you have time to come in to the class I will have you help with centers.  If you are a parent that would like to help but cannot come into the room, there are always projects that could be worked on at home. If you have any questions, please let me know and more information will be sent home later.