• Dear families,

    We have some exciting news for you!  For the 2019- 2020 school year, we will continue a partner-teaching dyad.  Your students will be learning from both Mrs. Khan and Ms. Bodnar this year.

    What does this mean for your students?  Your students will have an amazing opportunity for a very enriching learning experience. Students in the dyad will learn science and math with Mrs. Khan and English/language arts and social studies with Ms. Bodnar. We are each very passionate and knowledgeable in those particular subjects, and we are thrilled to pass that passion on to your students.

    The classes will be split into each of our classrooms for 50% of the school day, and we will work closely together to meet the needs of every student. We are anticipating a smooth transition and an exciting, engaging learning environment for the students.

    Please visit both our classrooms on meet the teacher night, and feel free to bring the supply items to each room that night.  Supplies may also be brought in the first day of school.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at cheryl.bodnar@husd.org or shubhra.brownkhan@husd.org.  We are looking forward to a fantastic year. Thank you for your support.


    Mrs. Khan and Ms. Bodnar