• A Few Things...

    I am big on communication with parents. The best way to reach me is by email, because I check it during break times deayn.tapia@husd.org I will often send an email at the beginning of each week titled: A FEW THINGS...

    Here are A FEW THINGS to know about right off the bat!!!

    1. Make sure that your kiddo has a nice breakfast, because we get started right away (and lunch isn't until 11:30 with snack at 1:30 or so).

    2. Your kiddo will go straight out to the playground in the morning. Our line up area is close to the playground with our room number painted on the sidewalk (304).

    3. Make sure that all of your kiddo's belongings have his or her name on them. (jackets, lunch box, water bottles, snacks, etc)

    4. A change of clothes is always a good idea!

    5. Make sure that clothes are appropriate for potty breaks (I learned this firsthand when I put my daughter in a belt that she didn't know how to get off----OOPS! I felt terrible).

    6. Bring a water bottle if at all possible. We do have a water fountain, but they drink more water when they have a their own water bottle.

    7. If sending in supplies on the first day of school, please put everything in a large bag with your kiddo's name on the outside. It is best to send it in on MEET THE TEACHER.

    8. Send a SNACK every day with your kiddo. I do not provide snacks, because of allergies and food choices by parents. Put the snack in the front pocket of their backpack (not in lunchbox)

    9. NO JUICE IN THE CLASSROOM! Your kiddo can keep a sweet drink in their lunch box for lunch only, but no sweet drinks in the classroom (attracts bugs and it is messy). Occasionally for parties we will ask for juice boxes.

    10. Your kiddo will have a great day, but they will be super tired. It will take a few weeks to get used to our schedule. So patience will be the key (all around). First grade is a time for BIG responibility, independence, and socialization on a NEW level. We definitely dive in "head first" (as MOST SHARKS DO), but it will take a bit to get it all figured out. "SHARKS SWIM WITH PRIDE". Our goal will be to "swim like leaders" in and out of the classroom. Together, Everyone, Achieves, More (TEAM TAPIA TIGHT). Let's do this!