• Supply List 2019-20 (TEAM Tapia Specific)
    * backpack (name on it, but no wheels on backpacks) 
    * lunch box with name on it (if needed)
    * Water bottle with name on it 
    * 1 Inch binder with clear plastic slide in the front. Any color will work, but NO DESIGNS!! (name on inside of it)
    *  1 set of 5-tab dividers
    * 1 MEAD k-2 primary journal (this is like a compostiion journal but with picture space on top and writing lines on the bottom). If you can find a different brand, that is a-ok. It just needs the picture space with writing lines below.
    * 2 Vinyl Pocket Folders with 3 holed prongs (the plastic kind) ANY COLOR WILL WORK
    * 1 Wide-ruled composition book (any color and design) 
    * 1  GREEN Vinyl (sturdy) Pocket folder with 3 holed prongs. NO DESIGNS, but any shade of GREEN! (this is our communication folder/back and forth folder). Just put name on inside off this, as I will put a special label on the front.
    * Play-Doh (any brand)
    * 1 Pencil box (the plastic standard size) with name on it 
    * 3 pkgs of pencils pre-sharpened if possible (no name)
    * 4 boxes of crayons 
    * 1 box of markers (regular size or skinny)
    * 1 box of colored pencils (the small skinny pack, as these will fit into your kiddo's pencil box for their persoanl use). 
    * 1 pair of youth scissors (with name on it)
    * 2 packages of Dry Erase Markers (black works best)
    * 6 pack (or more) Glue sticks
    * 1 pair of head-phones (no earbuds) (with name on them)
    * pencil topper erasers (I will put all of these into a box for those missing eraser days)
    * breakaway Lanyard for school ID's 
    ADDITIONAL Classroom Supplies
    disinfectant wipes (1 container)
    baby wipes 
    Ziploc (type) bags  (any size and any brand)
    paper towels (2 rolls)
    card stock (any color)
    colored copy paper (any color)
    ***If you can bring the supplies to school on MEET THE TEACHER night, it will make the first day of school easier. Put supplies in a large (or 2 large) bags with your child's name on the outside of the bag. This will help me tremendously when I sort.