• Mrs. Ruiz – Room 203



    Hi! My name is Elizabeth Ruiz and I will have the honor of teaching your child the wonders of mathematics this year! Below are a few ways to contact me. Please remember that during the school day my first priority is your children, so I will get back to you as soon as possible, but it will usually be before or after school. Email is the best and fastest way to contact me!

    I grew up in Southern California but have moved around quite a bit in my adult life. I have only lived in Arizona for four years now but love the sunshine and being able to get outside most of the year. I have been married for 16 years to my wonderful husband who also coaches soccer here at Cooley. We have three children, our son is completing his prerequisites at Mesa Community College and hopes to transfer to ASU in two years and both my daughters are Cooley graduates and currently attending Higley High.

    This is my third year with the Higley School District and here at Cooley. I have been in the educational field for 7 years, first in Washington State where my family lived most recently, and then in the Chandler School District for two years before making the switch to Higley. I love being part of this amazing school and district and expect great things this year!

    I know that a lot of students think that math is irrelevant to them or too difficult to understand. I believe that it is my duty to reinforce that math is exciting, relevant and fun for students. It is ok if students do not understand a concept the first time as long as they keep working to understand. This is an important concept for students to understand not only for mathematics, but for all aspects of their educational career and into adulthood!

    We do have a textbook that we will follow this year. Students will receive a consumable textbook each semester this year. I will use a variety of formative and summative assessments throughout each topic and unit. Different resources will be available through Canvas. If you would like any additional help or information, please don’t hesitate to email me.


    Every day students should have sharp pencils ready to go, their composition notebook specifically designated for math, loose leaf paper, colored pencils, scissors and a glue stick.

    If you would ever like to donate additional materials to the class, I am always looking for Kleenex, copy paper (white and colored), Clorox Wipes, glue sticks or scissors. I am always open to other ideas you may have that will enhance the learning experience for your children!


    40% Unit Exams and Class Projects

    30% Standards Based Quizzes and Class Activities

    20% Midterm Exams and Semester Finals

    10% Notebooks and Assignments

    The following scale will be used to determine the letter grade associated with a student’s percentage grade.

    A – 90% - 100%

    B – 80% - 89%

    C – 70% - 79%

    D – 60% - 69%

    F – 59% or Below


    Cooley Middle School has a redo/retake policy. Students have two weeks in which they can retake an assessment up to two additional times. The highest grade will be entered into the gradebook. There will not be any averaging of grades. Students must complete the proper steps in order to retake an assessment. Please see the retake tab on my website for all the instructions.

    Late, Missing or Absent Work

    Students are responsible for all work they miss due to an absence. They can check the folder marked with the day of the week they were absent for any handouts that were given. Students may also check Canvas for any assignment information. Students have one day for each day they were absent in order to make up classwork. They are allowed two days to make up an assessment that they missed. If a student does not make up the assessment within the two day time frame, a zero will be recorded in the gradebook for that assessment and the student will have to follow the retake policy above in order to make up that grade.


     Tutoring will be available from 8:20-8:50 am and 3:50-4:20 pm Tuesday as well as during all three lunch periods Thursday. If you need tutoring time outside of these hours, please make an appointment and I will work with you!

    Classroom Procedures

    Entering the classroom – Students are to enter the room peacefully, and be in their seat ready with all materials before the tardy bell rings.

    Leaving the classroom – Students may not leave the classroom at any time for any reason without first gaining permission and signing out on the hallway log. Bathroom breaks are permitted as long as it is not during instructional time. It is at the teacher’s discretion to allow students to leave the room for any reason (including bathroom).

    At the end of the class period, the teacher will dismiss students after the room has been put back in order, meaning chairs are pushed back into desks and all trash is picked up around student areas. The bell does not dismiss students from the room, the teacher does.

    Cell Phones – Cell phones are not permitted in class unless instructed to do so by the teacher. If a student has their phone out in class, they will be asked to hand it over to the teacher to be turned into the office. Parents will be notified that the phone was out without permission and the student will be cable to retrieve it from the office at the end of the school day. If it happens a second time, parents will be required to come and pick up the phone from the front office. Three or more instances and a referral will be handed out as well as the parent being required to pick up the phone from the front office.

    Getting Materials During Class Time – Please respect your teacher and peers by quickly and quietly removing materials from your backpack. This should be done before the bell rings starting class. If you need to get up and get materials for any reason, please raise your hand and ask politely before getting up out of your seat. If you need to sharpen your pencil, just hold your broken one up in the air signaling the teacher to the problem. DO NOT get up to get materials or sharpen your pencil during instructional time.


    All homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise noted. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all homework on time with their name and period CLEARLY written in the upper right hand corner. If I can’t read your name, you will not receive a grade. NO NAME papers will NOT be graded. They will be placed in a NO NAME file and it is the student’s responsibility to retrieve the paper from that file and resubmit it to the teacher once their name and period are clearly written on the upper right hand corner.


    ALEKS is an amazing online resource available to students to help them improve their math knowledge.  Students are given individual logins and passwords to log in.  When signed in, the questions given are to help students further understand mathematics they are individually struggling to understand.  Students will access ALEKS through the HUSD website. I will also have a link to ALEKS on the Canvas page

    Classroom Principles

    Respect Yourself – Value your education. Try to be at class on time every day. When you are absent, make sure to check Edmodo and find out what you missed. Complete all assignments to the best of your ability. Come in for tutoring as needed to understand the concepts we are covering.

    Respect Your Peers – Understand that your classmates need for a safe learning environment free from distractions and impolite conversations.

    Respect Your Teacher – Recognize the importance of educational opportunities presented in class and allow the teacher to facilitate lessons to help all students learn.

    Respect Your Learning Environment – Acknowledge the resources, furniture and equipment in the classroom are used by others for the pursuit of education and need to be kept in good condition.

    Come to class ready to participate and learn!

    1. Have your notebook and at least two sharpened pencils every day when you walk into class.
    2. Have assignments completed before walking into class.
    3. Actively participate in group discussions.

    Consequences – In order to have a positive and productive learning environment, there must be order in the classroom. I will be following the Cooley Pyramid of Expectations in my classroom.

    It is at the teacher’s discretion to skip steps if the behavior is excessive.