• 8th Grade Science Syllabus

    Miss. Morrisroe

    Cooley Middle School

    Email: Brittany.Morrisroe@husd.org       Tutoring Time/ Assessment Retake: Tuesday Morning 8:15

    I attended Arizona State University for my undergrad degree and The University of Arizona for Grad school. The best way to contact me is by email (Brittany.Morrisroe@husd.org). In 8th grade science students will be studying forces, motion, and energy in Physics. Matter and elements in Chemistry. As well as cell division, genetics, and adaptations in Biology.

    Materials: Students need their 1st notebook by Thursday July 25th

    1. 2 composition notebooks and 2 folders which will be used for the units of study throughout the school year (1 notebook/1 folder per semester for science class)
    1. Pencils/pens/highlighters
    2. Pack of colored pencils or Crayons
    3. Lined paper
    4. Expo markers


    Composition Notebook: MUST be brought to class. This is where students will do most of the in class science work including: bell work and science notes.

    Grading policy: Grades will be uploaded every week. Assessments make up 80% of the grade, 10% is classwork, and 10% Final exam.

    Cooley Retake Policy: you are allotted 2 retakes per assessment within 2 weeks of the grade being posted. The highest score will be recorded.

    Quiz/Test: Tests will be announced in advance. Quizzes on occasion may be unannounced. If a quiz is unannounced the student may use the science composition notebook to help them on the quiz. (open note quiz).

    Cheating is not tolerated. NO TALKING during test or quizzes.

    Homework: Homework will usually be in the form of unfinished class assignments or studying for an upcoming test.

    Project/ Lab Activities: Projects and labs allow students to show creativity, cooperative learning, and higher-level thinking. Projects and labs are done in small groups.

    Late Work: 1 day per absence. Special circumstances may be discussed in advance.

    Participation: Students will be expected to take an active role in their education. This includes such things as bell work, completion of notebook (taking notes during class), and participating in group work.


    A= 90-100% B=80-89% C=70-79% D=60-69% F=below 59%