• Classroom Management:

    We will be going over class/school rules and procedures on an ongoing basis in our classroom.  I encourage students to help establish classroom rules.  By having students establish rules, they take responsibility for their behaviors. I like to reward well behaved students, good citizens and hard workers.  However, misbehavior cannot always be ignored.  I try to talk to children who may have some difficulties and when necessary remove children from uncomfortable situations.  Misbehavior that interrupts learning for others can result in time out, loss of privileges, spending time in another classroom or in some cases being sent to the Principal’s office.  I do my best to resolve most problems at school.  When necessary, I will notify parents.

    I have a treasure chest filled with goodies that I use for rewarding students.  I accept donations for the treasure chest and don’t mind used small toys if they are in good condition


    In our class we will be using class DOJO. This is an online behavior system. Parents will get a login and be able to track their child's daily behaviors.