• Parent-Teacher Relationship 

    I believe a strong parent/teacher relationship is necessary for your child to maximize school success. Throughout the year, I will communicate with you as much as possible. I utilize e-mail often, and appreciate e-mail communication from you as well. I will email you throughout the week of reminders, and to share with you exciting things going on in our classroom. My email is jennifer.foutz@husd.org. I am available for phone calls as well, after school is the best time for me to talk. The school phone number is 480 279-7900. Please check your child’s daily folder each evening. I will be available by appointment for face-to-face conferences. 

    Daily Folders 

    In order to help your child learn responsibility and organizational skills, as well as to provide another form of communication between home and school, your child will be using a daily folder this year. Daily folders will be used to send home important notes, homework, completed work, behavior reports and news about what is going on in the classroom. You can also send in notes for me to see, lunch money etc…


    Please send your child’s lunch money in a sealed envelope or ziploc labeled with your child’s name and amount of money. We will be eating in the cafeteria and our lunch time is 11:00-11:30. Lunch is $2.55 per day and milk is .65. You can put money on your child’s lunch account by visiting www.mymealtime.com. You will need your child’s ID number and that will be on their  homework folder on Monday. 


    Birthdays are a big deal to Kindergartners. Most parents send in a treat for the class. I prefer to have birthday treats at the end of the day. If you are planning on sending in a birthday treat it must be pre-packaged (NO HOME-BAKED GOODS) and nut free. I would appreciate it if you could let me know a day or two in advance if you are planning on bringing in a treat for your child so I can plan to allow class time for the celebration. If you are having a birthday party for your child, I will be more than happy to pass out invitations provided that all students of the same sex are invited (ALL girls or ALL boys depending on your child’s sex). Please do not send invitations for some, but not for others. This causes hurt feelings among students.