Required materials (due by 7.26.19):

    • 1 college-ruled composition notebook


    Theatre I Syllabus

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    Packet of Improvisation Games 




    If you missed the entire week before finals, you will have to create a new game and perform a game during finals week, semi-solo:

    PART 1. create a brand new improvisation game. Game must use 3 of the 6 improvisation rules. Present the game to class. The class will play your new game. 

    a. name of game

    b. detailed explaination of how to play the game

    c. how many players

    d. the three rules of improvisation you chose and how they apply to your game

    e. the goal of the game


    PART 2. Play a random game with random students from the improvisation packet (above) - Be prepared for any of these to be called. 

    Changing Genres


    Sitting Standing Lying


    Half Time

    Actor Switch

    Time Travel

    Film Critic

    The Alphabet Game


    A Midsummer Night's Dream - Critique Review 


    Scene 1

    Scene 2

    Scene 3

    Scene 4

    Scene 5


    Arsenic and Old Lace Packet Guidelines