• iPad Usage Agreement

    Included below are the details of two important pieces of information. The first is the iPad Usage Agreement, which will be signed by both the student and their responsible adult. The second is the iPad Protection Plan information, which will share the details of this optional plan to protect your family against the cost of damages to the iPad borrowed by your student. Please review both carefully and discuss with your student.

    The form is linked at the bottom of this page, and can be printed and brought to school or picked up at the school office or Media Center.

    The iPad Usage Agreement detailed below shares the expectations and responsibilities of your student when using an iPad issued by Higley Unified School District (HUSD #60). Please read the following carefully and discuss with your student. Your signature indicates your understanding of and your agreement with the provisions of this agreement.

    • Your student will be issued one iPad, a USB charger with AC power adapter, and protective case.
    • The iPad and accessories remain the property of HUSD while in the care of your student.
    • Students and their families share financial responsibility for the iPad and accessories. Should there be iPad damage, defacement, or if the iPad or charger is lost or stolen the family of the student will be held responsible for the cost of device replacement. The financial liability is as follows:
          • iPad Replacement $465
          • iPad Case $25
          • Certified Sync Cable $10
          • iPad Charging Brick $10

    Families are eligible to enroll in the HUSD iPad Protection Plan.

    • The iPad and accessories will be surrendered to HUSD upon request by a District representative. This will typically be at the end of the school year, transfer to another HUSD school, or upon withdrawal from the District.
    • The iPad may be collected and subject to inspection at any time without notice. The student should not have an expectation of privacy related to any materials found on an iPad.
    • HUSD iPads are intended for educational use. However, HUSD is aware that the devices may be used for non-educational purposes when off campus. All such activities must be in accordance with HUSD policies and rules, the Acceptable Use Policy, and all local, state, and federal statutes.
    • Students may not deface or destroy the iPad or accessories in any way. iPads and cases must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels other than those affixed by a HUSD representative. Should a label or tag become damaged or disappear, the student should contact their school’s Media Specialist for replacement.
    • The iPad camera and audio recording features have been disabled. Tampering with or re-enabling either or both will result in disciplinary action.
    • Only games and applications which in no way contradict the generally accepted understanding of school appropriate content are allowed at any time.
    • Students may not attempt to change, alter, jailbreak, or allow others to attempt to change, alter, jailbreak or otherwise change the privileges and capabilities of a HUSD owned iPad.
    • Any theft, vandalism, and/or damage to the iPad must be reported to the student’s school immediately. The HUSD iPad Damage / Disappearance Form can be found on the school’s website or be requested from your school’s Media Specialist.
    • All rules and regulations as per the HUSD Code of Conduct apply at all times. Consequences for failure to follow rules or to adhere to regulations will be applied as per the HUSD Code of Conduct.
    • HUSD filters web content on all District owned iPads. When off campus, iPad traffic is routed through a proxy server to offer content filtering when off site. It is understood that removal or adjustment to device profiles is prohibited and will result in disciplinary consequences. HUSD is not responsible for content accessed through removal of or adjustment of profiles defining proxy settings.



    iPad Protection Plan

    The HUSD provides families the opportunity to purchase an iPad Protection Plan: 

    • Applications for the iPad Protection Plan and the $50 premium must be received prior to iPad distribtuion . A receipt will be issued when the application is received in the Media Center or Front Office. Be sure to obtain a receipt to confirm the purchase.
    • Your student is not required to purchase the HUSD iPad Protection Plan to use an iPad at school or if they choose to take it home for educational use. However, any loss of or damage to an iPad or accessory while on or off campus will result in financial liability on the part of the student’s family.
    • This plan does not cover lost or stolen iPads or chargers. Should an iPad or charger be lost or stolen, the student’s family will be liable for the cost of device replacement.
    • The $50 premium covers one mobile device repair incident per student per school year and is non-refundable. Any damage or loss should be reported to the school immediately.
    • HUSD staff will determine and arrange for the appropriate repair or replacement action. iPads may only be repaired through the HUSD approved process.
    • The decision to have a student keep the iPad at school does not absolve the student’s family of financial responsibility. Similar to any school assigned resource, families are responsible for their student’s use of and care for he resources made available for educational use.

    iPad Usage Agreement and Protection Plan