• Parent Portal

    To help effectively monitor the level of your child’s academic progress, the Higley Unified School District provides a parent portal known as ParentVue. This detailed system grants you the opportunity to quickly and conveniently access grades, class schedules, attendance histories, assignment information, and other student information including messages from teachers. It is also designed to increase communication between schools and their families with our end goal of student success.

    Please make note of the following changes as we encourage parents to take advantage of our online resources. One of ParentVue's greatest features is the ability to view and print your student’s report cards therefore we will no longer be printing and mailing progress and semester grades.  Should circumstances prohibit you from gaining computer access for this purpose, please contact 480.279.8513 and a printed copy will be available for pick up in the front office.

    Additionally, course registrations for the 2017-2018 academic school year will take place online. In order to complete this multi-step task, parental approval for class selections will be required. Further information regarding the registration process will be available in late January as your son and/or daughter meets with their respective counselor.

    We encourage you to come on campus, contact Angie Marqueling, or call 480.279.8513 to collect your unique portal activation code. If you already have an account, please take the time to log-in ensuring your account has not been disabled. Help with user names and/or passwords may also be answered by utilizing the resources provided above.