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    Cheer begins in November and ends in February. We practice school cheers and cheer at the home basketball games. We compete at the District Cheer Competition in February. There is also an opportunity for individual student cheer competitions. There will be trophies awarded for group and individual. Registration begins in August for cheer. There are only 40 spots available.
     Cheer Uniform  Cheer Coaches  
    Competition Awards 2018-2019
    1st place over all whole group
    1st and 3rd place for mini group
    3rd place for individual 
    1st place at cheer  trophy  Cheerleaders
    Competition Awards 2017-2018:
    1st place over all whole group
    1st place stunt group
    2nd place stunt group
    2nd place individual
    3rd place individual
    Cheer stunting  Cheer Competition  2017 2018 Cheer Team
    Competition awards 2016-2017:
    2nd place over all whole group
    2nd place in the mini group cheer
    3rd place in the mini group cheer
    Cheer 2nd place 2016-2017  
    Competition awards in 2015-2016
    1st place over all whole group cheer 

    Coronado Cheer won first place 2015 2016

    Practice Days: TBD

    How long: November – February

    First Practice will be in November

    Practice Time: 3:15-4:15

    Games: We will cheer at the HOME basketball games, schedule to come.

    Location: Coronado gym

    Competition: @ the end of February - date to come



    Practice guidelines:

    1. Please come to practice with your hair up

    2. Bring a water bottle

    3. Wear cheer shoes or running/tennis shoes that tie

    4. Please do not wear boots or slip on shoes to practice; no jewelry

    5. Please come with a positive attitude and ready to learn

    6. Parent involvement is very important for a successful year!