• Governing board approves PROP. 123 funds for 16/17

    The Higley Unified School District approved Wednesday evening the use of Prop. 123 funds for the 2016/17 school-year. The voter-approved measure provided $1.6 million to the district for FY16 and $1.06 million for FY17.

    A district committee presented to the board last spring a recommendation on how the funds be allocated.

    The board approved the use of last year’s allocation for increased compensation, the No. 1 ranked item on the committee’s list. The district completed disbursement of the funds this summer in the form of stipends to staff.

    For FY17, the board approved Wednesday, Sept. 28, the use of the funds in the following areas:

    Continued longevity,
    Teacher supplies,
    Supply budget increase,
    Technology to enhance classrooms,
    Stipends for lead teachers/department heads (all levels),
    Independent reading program,
    Fine arts supply budget, and
    Breakout Details

    FY2015-2016 Prop. 123
    Increased compensation
    Overage from FY2015-2016
    Statewide Appropriation (% of $50M)
    FY2016-2017 Prop 123
    Total Funds Available for FY2016-2017
    Continued longevity
    Teacher supplies
    Supply budget increase
    Technology to enhance the classroom
    Stipends for lead teachers/dept. heads (all levels)
    Independent reading program
    Professional development/tuition reimbursement
    Fine Arts supply increase
    Groups - beautification
    Estimated Balance Remaining