Ferris Bueller's Art Masterpiece Experience
     Centennial Elementary School
         Art Masterpiece is a school-wide tradition here at Centennial bringing Arts enrichment to the general education classroom through a volunteer program coordinated and managed by Ms. Emily Perez, Centennial's resident Visual Arts educator for the last 10 years.  If you are interested in being part of our programming for the 2020-2021 school year, read below to get an idea of the expectations and experiences you and the students will have together for the year.
    What is Art Masterpiece?
    Art Masterpiece is a visual fine arts enrichment program that typically runs 6 months of the school year, and is led by classroom volunteers. This year may look different. All classrooms are eligible for the program per volunteer participation.
    What does the classroom volunteer do?
    The classroom volunteer presents an assigned two-dimensional artwork by an artist to the class. The presentation of the work may include history of the print and facts about the artist; an art project or activity can follow. There are usually 6 prints per grade level, one for each month (November to May with the exclusion of March). This year we will be starting in January with an abbreviated season.
     What is my time commitment?
     The volunteer does one visit to the classroom per month for 6 months. This year we will be starting in January with an abbreviated season.  Time in the classroom can be as long as 60 minutes (including presentation and clean-up).
    Will there be information on the artist provided?
    Yes!  A folder will have some artist biographical information and the lesson plan for the Art project.  Supplies are available in a coordinating tub through a request when scheduling your date for a presentation through email at least three days before.
    Do I need to be an artist to volunteer for Art Masterpiece?
    Not at all!  Having an appreciation and love for the Arts, a desire to learn something new, and wanting to share with students is all that it takes to be a great presenter.  Passion for our students first and foremost is key!
    Will there be training for Art Masterpiece?
     Yes!  An orientation meeting will take place in Room 112 (the Art Room) in January of 2021 from 3:15-4:00 p.m.  We will go over the folder of items, receive materials that pertain to the schedule, prints, location for pick-up and drop-off, the importance of Tier 1 volunteer clearance, and any other questions you may have pertaining to Art Masterpiece. 
    Why have this program at Centennial? 
    The Arts increase cultural awareness, and visual literacy; an ever growing way that we are communicating in our 21st century world.  In addition, studies show that comprehensive Art programs (visual and performing) markedly increase academic achievement as they reinforce the application of concepts in problem solving, critical thinking, and spatial development.  The program helps to align with making our students well-rounded people.  When we can make connections to our world, engage learners through visual stimulation and higher level thinking, we inspire them to savor the world around them through the promotion of this program.