• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to the Centennial Kindergarten Sight Word Challenge! All Higley Kindergarten students are expected to read/know the first 75 sight words with fluency -  this means reading quickly, without hesitation or sounding out the word by the month of May.

    Your child may practice the sight words by writing them on flash cards, spelling/building them with magnets, typing them on a keyboard, writing in shaving cream, etc. Use any means to help make connections. Reading books that focus on the list of words is also helpful as this will have a meaningful purpose rather than just a memory drill.
    I will test students weekly if they feel they are ready for the challenge. Simply put your child's word list in their daily folder on Friday so I know that they are ready. When your child is able to read all 25 sight words on their current list, they may begin to practice on the next list. Please email me for your child's next list if they need it. I will send out all lists in an email for you to keep for future reference.
    If your child is not able to read the sight words with fluency, the list will be returned for further practice.
    Please keep in mind that your help at home really makes a difference in your child's success at school!
    Thank you for your help.
    Mrs. Hunt