You have the opportunity to makeup 10 EXCUSED absences per semester (2 semesters) each school year.

    To do a makeup you must do the following:

    • Research the topic for the Day # absent
    • Type up a summary in your own words (plagiarism will not be tolerated or accepted)
    • Summary must be 1 page typed, Times New Roman (font), 12pt. Double spaced,
    • Header is Single spaced (First & Last Name, Pd. 5, Date Absent, Date turning in)
    • Topic of Research 
    • Email the Makeup assignment to stacey.fentress@husd.org
    • Must be submitted not later than 2 weeks after the absence (beyond 2 weeks will not be accepted)

    Day 1:  What is Physical Fitness?

    Day 2:  Why is it important to WARM UP prior to play a sport or exercising?

    Day 3:  How does smoking affect the body?

    Day 4:  How do energy drinks affect the body?

    Day 5:  Please explain what happens during an asthma attack and what steps one can take to avoid experiencing an attack during exercise.

    Day 6:  What are the benefits of varying your workout routines?

    Day 7:  Why are steroid use in athletic competition band in most sports, and what are the negatives of using steroids in exercise?

    Day 8:  What are Health Related & Skill Related Fitness?

    Day 9:  Is strength training safe for children? Describe the pros and cons of this trading theory.

    Day 10: List & describe 5 different training myths that are commonly associated with weight training.