• How do I get a check mark?

    • For each period, I am allowed to get one check mark.
    • I can get this by listening to the teacher.
    • Following the teacher’s instruction.
    • Staying in my seat, and doing my work.
    • Asking for help if I need help or support.
    • Asking for a mini break if I get too anxious or tired.
    • Asking questions about the topic of discussion.
    • Being respectful of my peers by working quietly, not touching others, and keeping my hands to myself.


    • Each check mark earned, allows me 5 minutes of CHOICE TIME or preferred activity, alone, or with only another person from class who also would like to play with me after snack.
    • I cannot switch activities. Whatever activity I picked initially will be my activity for the rest of the 15 minutes.
    • If I get 3 check marks, I will have 15 minutes of playtime, and if the whole class is playing safely and respectfully, the teacher may even give us a bonus of 5 more minutes to play.


    WHEN DO I GET AN “ X”?

    Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3 , X (SORRY)

    • I have three chances to right a wrong, before the teacher gives me an X.
    • If I get an “X” I will lose 5 minutes of choice activity time.
    • If I got an X for not doing my work, then I will do my work during that 5 minutes of choice time.