• Flee Map Essay
    8th Grade Argumentative Essay: 
    - The final draft can either be hand written or typed. If you are typing it- please send to mrs.harshawclass@gmail.com 
    - Remember to highlight: 
          1- Reson or claim in YELLOW
          2- Evidence and supporting detail BLUE 
          3- Counterargument- RED
          4- Weakness- PURPLE 
    This is due Monday February 12th! 
    QUARTER 2:
    Week of 10/18-10/21:
    Tuesday: "Night" anticipation guide. Movie permission slip, MUST be turned it by Thursday of this week. Close reading of Elie Wiesel.
    Thursday & Friday: Watching and reviewing notes/assignment for the movie: World at War- Genocide. Here is the viewing guide students must follow with the movie. 
    Week of 9/26-9/30
    Wednesday: Essay is DUE at the beginning of the hour. If student is printing, they MUST have it in the same day and time as those who hand wrote it. NO excuses.  
    Thursday: we are watching The Outsiders movie. Each student was sent home with a permission slip to get signed and apporval if they can or cannot watch the movie.
    Week of 9/19-9/23
    Wednesday: Each student will be writing as essay on the novel "The Outsiders."  This will be an in class assignment and will be due the following Wednesday. I informed the students that if they do not feel like there is enough in class time or they are not using their time wisely; they will need to work on this at home. If you have any questions about the essay, please do not hesitate to ask. Since this is a formal writing essay, this will be graded and out into the Common Assessment category (80% of the overall grade.)    
    Week of 9/12-9/16
    There is a common assessment on THEME this Thursday (9/15). We have been reviewing and practicing identifying theme last week and this week. Students have notes in their notebooks on theme to review before the Common Assessment. Just a reminder, common assessments are 80% of a students grade. If your student would like tutoring or help before the test, please have them come talk to me and we can arrange a time to meet.   
    Week of 9/5-9/9
    This week is the last week students have to retake the common assessment on "The Bet." I have told students that if they wish to retake this, they do not need to fill out a retake form, but they must come one day before or after school this week in order to redo it. 
    Tuesday: PLEASE make sure to bring your ipad to class today. We will be using them take a practice Galileo test.  
    Friday: short matching vocabulary quiz on the words that were given on Tuesday in class.  
    Week of 8/22-8/24
     The grades for the Outsider questions we did in class are now posted. Since this was formal writing, this is considered an assessment. If a student would like to redo the questions, or add corrections for a better grade; they have until September 2nd to do so. Any corrections after that will not be graded or changed in the grade book. 
    Tuesday: read The Bet in class. Created a bubble map on the lawyer and the banker. Answered these questions in their notebooks. The test on Thursday, will be on the story The Bet. If you were absent you need to read this story on your own. You can either read during lunch- or read this free PDF version online. http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/Bet.shtml

    Response to Literature:

    1.Which character did you find more sympathetic? The banker or the lawyer? Why?
    2.Do you think that the two men would make the same bet if they new what the effect would be? Why or why not?
    3.What do you think about the lawyer’s decision not to take the money? 
    Thursday: Common Assessment over Characterization. We have been practicing Part A and Part B questions last week and this week. They also have notes on characterization in the vocab section of their notebooks. 
    Week of 8/15-8/19
    Monday: read into Chapter 3 in The Outsiders. 
    Tuesday: read the remainder of Chapter 3. Answer these questions in the response to literature section of the notebook. These will be graded as an assessment because it is formal writing. Must answer in complete sentences and must use textual evidence to cite your answer.
    1. Describe Pony, Soda, and Darry's relationship from Pony's point of view.
    2. How do you think Darry would describe their relationship? How is it different?
    3. How do Marcia and Cherry respond to Dally? What does this say about their character?
    4. Explain the reference to watching the sunset. Why is it an important part of the buildup of the relationship between Cherry and Pony?
    5. Paraphrase why you think Darry is such an angry person? Give specific reasons.  
    *Students had over 40 minutes to complete this in class and will be given an extra 15 tomorrow. If you think you need more time than this, then please work on answering maybe one or two of these at home.* It will be turned in tomorrow.
    helping verbs notes
    Finishing up Outsider questions
    Read through the majority of Chapter 4 (depending on the hour)  
    Reminder: students are always allowed to retake any assessment they would like in order to receive a higher score. The retake must be done within two weeks that the grade is posted. For the Point of View assessment last week, the students will have until 8/26 for the retake.   
    Week of 8/8-8/12 
    8th graders have a test over Point of View. We have done many activities and took notes over this topic. The students were told to review their notes for the assessment tomorrow.