• 5th & 6th Grade Band
    All 5th grade band students need to rent an instrument and purchase all necessary supplies by the second week of school. We will be trying out different instruments in class during the first week of school. There is a rental event at Williams Field High School Auditorium on Saturday, July 29th for students to rent instruments, or you may go to a music store/Music & Arts to rent an instrument. Students who are planning on renting an instrument from the school must turn in an instrument rental agreement form and a check before they will be allowed to rent an instrument from the school. Instruments are limited and are rented on a first come, first serve basis. 
    All 5th grade & 6th grade band members are expected to have the following:
    Essential Elements Book 1 (for their instrument)
    Materials and Supplies for their instrument - see band handbook pg. 9 for details.
    • Woodwinds - basic cleaning/swab supplies plus three good working reeds AT ALL TIMES
    • Brass - Valve Oil/Slide Cream
    • Percussion - Drum sticks, mallets, drum pad, snare drum, bell kit

    6th Graders need to have book 2 by the start of quarter 2.