• BEGINNING ART:  This course fulfills the fine art requirement and is designed for an exploration of different media, and concepts for the aspiring artist. This course is highly recommended for students wishing to continue taking courses in the visual arts. Studies will include the elements of art, and design principles leading to portfolio development.

    INTERMEDIATE ART: This course is designed for serious art students interested in continuing to develop their portfolio. Homework projects and regular critiques are components of this class. This course will expand upon Beginning Art, or Drawing, exploring various techniques and concepts in both 2D and 3D. Beginning Art or Drawing is a pre-requisite for this course.

    DRAWING:  This course is designed for students who want to learn the skill of drawing. It is more focused, and requires much concentration. It is for the more serious art student because drawing is the academics for visual art. Students will learn drawing techniques based on the principles of art and design. Projects will include drawing with pencils, pastels, charcoal and ink on various types of papers and boards. Class time will be spent learning and improving skills, and researching art techniques.  

    PAINTING: This course is for students who want to continue their artistic development. Projects will include watercolor painting, multi-media, acrylic painting, and block printmaking. Students will also be encouraged to investigate subject matter, and technique. Drawing is a pre-requisite for this course.

    ADVANCED PLACEMENT 2D STUDIO ART: This course is intended for students committed to serious study in art. AP work involves significantly more time and rigor than other art courses. Students will select and submit their work for evaluation by a group of artists and teachers. The evaluation will allow students to demonstrate their ability with fundamentals of the visual arts, and various media. Students will produce a portfolio of 24 separate works, 12 per semester. Students are expected to take the A/P Portfolio Exam. Two years of 2D courses are pre-requisites for this course.

    Classroom Expectations, Guidelines and Responsibilities  

    1. Each student is expected to comply with all school rules! (See student handbook.)

    2. Arrive to class on time, prepared and ready to start work when bell rings. Do not wait for me to ask you to prepare for class.

    3. Respect your-self, other students, teachers, and substitutes. Absolutely no talking during morning announcements or while the teacher is instructing, do your part by paying attention. Respect the desire and rights of others to hear the announcements. Being mean is not funny, even if you are, “just kidding.”

    4. Attend class regularly. Many experiences cannot be made up and it takes lots of time to make art. Each studio class you miss is an hour of time to make up! This becomes huge when missing many school days

    5. Follow all safety rules and procedures. No horseplay in the classrooms.Respect fellow students’ projects by looking but not touching, even if you have their permission. Accidents happen, and you wouldn’t want anyone putting their fingerprints on, or dropping and breaking your artwork.  

    6. No food or drink except bottled water allowed in the classroom.

    7. Bottled water, personal items, folders and backpacks should be placed on the floor. You will need the table space for your projects.

    8. Each student is responsible for clean-up.    There will be time set aside to allow for students to clean-up before the end of class. After the room and individual workstation is cleaned, each student will push in their stool, remain standing behind it, or stay seated. I will walk around to check tables after cleanup, and dismiss you when this task is completed. Art is messy. If you don’t enjoy touching the materials, getting dirty, or cleaning materials, perhaps you should consider another elective.

    9. No one just sits-EVER. If you finish the class assignment early, you are to work on your next semester drawing, look at art books, or ask the instructor how you may help in the classroom.

    10. Any student who chooses to throw, damage or waste materials will not have the privilege of working with those materials. The project will be graded as is, and an alternative assignment may be given.

    11. Students are expected to get their supplies and return to their seats to work. There is no lingering or visiting other tables. I STRICTLY REINFORCE THIS. There is a different structure to the art classroom, and you are expected to use your time wisely.

    12. Please use the bathroom in between classes. If you need to go during class, you need my permission, sign out, and in when you return. You will be allowed one pass per week, and may not leave the first, or last ten minutes of class. You are responsible for missed instruction.

    Due Dates and Responsibilities

    Students are responsible for completing each assignment in class on or before the due date. The entire class will begin each new assignment at the same time, regardless if the previous project is finished or not. Certain supplies cannot “go home.” Makeup work must be completed after-school by appointment. Again, the same goes if you should happen to use the bathroom, or be taken out of class for any reason. You are responsible for getting the information you missed, first, by your chosen classroom “art buddy,” during studio time, and second if you have further questions from me. 

    Absence and Tardy Policies

    All work must be made up after an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work, including notes, quizzes, and test per the student handbook. Students must notify the instructor in advance of a field trip or planned absence. You are responsible for getting the information you missed, first, by your chosen classroom “art buddy,” during studio time, and second, if you have further questions for me. Each student will have an “Art Buddy” to contact in and outside of class, as an additional resource for makeup work.

    1st  Tardy  Student Conference

    2nd Tardy  Student Conference + Parent Phone Call + Warning Tardy 3 is ASD

    3rd Tardy  Parent Phone Call & ASD with teacher

    4th Tardy  Office Referral (Include dates of tardies/date of parent contacts/date ASD served)

         At the 4th occurrence administration will assign a Saturday detention.

    5 or more Tardies: Office Referral.

    Tardies over 10 minutes will be treated as an absence and will not apply to this policy.

    Each time a class meets, the teacher shall check and formally record all students assigned to the class. The name of any absent student shall be entered into the prescribed information attendance/absence system.  Absenteeism is defined as any student reporting more than ten (10) minutes late to class or not reporting at all.

    After 4 absences a letter will be mailed home advising of the policy.

    After 7 absences a second letter will be mailed home and a student conference will be conducted.

    After 10 absences a third letter will be mailed and a parent, student, administrator conference will be held as well as the notice of potential to forfeit credit by way of auditing the course as non-credit status.

    A student will be considered absent from class if they enter the classroom more than ten minutes after the designated start time.  If the student has a valid reason to be late to class it will be an excused absence. The absence will be considered unexcused if the student is late without being excused by the school administration or the parent signing in the child late.  If you would like to receive attendance updates throughout the day, you have the option to sign up in ParentVUE.


    First Offense: Verbal Warning

    Second Offense: Student Conference, and Parent notified After School Detention (ASD) will be assigned the next offense.

    Third Offense: ASD assigned.

    After 3 ASD’s assigned, student will receive a referral to administration.

    Materials and Supplies for All Art Classes:

    10 #2 wooden pencils with erasers on the ends, NO mechanical pencils, please.

    Either a pink pearl, or white eraser (chunky type)

    A spiral bound sketchbook approx. 9x11, or the next size down, to use as your Interactive Notebook. If possible, buy one with a pocket folder inside the front cover.

    A soft pencil case or strong zip lock bag, labeled with your name to hold your pencils and eraser.

    *There are times materials are required that are not provided by the school. The student is responsible for bringing in these items. Also, don’t forget about using tax credit for our school. Just designate where you want the contribution to go, such as, “for art supplies.”         

    Studio Art:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    You will need the same supplies as above, plus access to a good quality, digital camera at the end of the year.


    Grade Scale:  100-90=A    89-80=B    79-70=C    69-60=D    59 and below=F

    Plagiarism and what constitutes plagiarism in art is something we discuss in the art classroom. If any student plagiarizes, it will be treated as not doing the assignment, a zero.

    Art Pieces and quizzes will be worth 60% of your grade, Final Exams will be 20% of your grade.

     All other work, such as, practice, homework assignments, etc. will be the remaining 20% of your grade. NO EXTRA CREDIT will be issued.

    *Student Choice Drawings will lose 5 point each day they are turned in late, up to 10 points. Students are given two weeks to work on this assignment.

             *Students are ALWAYS welcome to re-do/improve upon assignments to exhibit growth/learning andraise their grade. Consult with me ahead of time for timelines and to discuss the art-piece you want to work on. I have high expectations for my students’. The course is not an easy “A”. Students’ must earn an A, just like any other class. Students’ are expected to earn a “C” or better, in order to participate in any club, fieldtrip, or sport.

    *Please sign and return this page.


    I have read and understand Mrs. Fraley’s Art Syllabus


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    I use email and phone numbers on our computer system Synergy. If your school contact information has changed, please update it in the school office. I often send reminders for quizzes, due dates, etc. using this system.

    Thank you and here’s to a great year at Higley High School! GO KNIGHTS!