3 Parts of a HOT Prompt

    1. Provide an idea or an example from the text (summary, paraphrase, quote)
      • In the beginning of the story, readers learn…
      • On p. 87, Tony states…
    2. Comment on or analyze example (literary device, deduction)
      • Here the author is using… in order to…
      • This indicates… because…
    3. Pose a question for discussion (prompt response with HOT keyword--see below)
      • Explain why Tony chose to…
      • Imagine that you were Tony…
      • Is Tony justified in choosing to…



    • Analysis questions should ask readers to analyze, compare, contrast, differentiate, examine, identify
    • Synthesis questions should ask readers to connect, generate, judge, rearrange, summarize, synthesize
    • Evaluation questions should ask readers to agree, choose, consider, criticize, critique, debate, defend, dispute, evaluate, justify, prove, support



    Analysis Prompt

    • Part 1: On p. 87, Sally states, “It was then that, like a sinking ship finally giving in to the weight of the sea, I decided to submit to my fate.”
    • Part 2: The phrase “like a sinking ship finally giving in to the weight of the sea” is a metaphor that the author is using to show that the character is giving up.
    • Part 3: Compare this metaphor to the opening scene, when Sally is travelling to America for the first time.

    Synthesis Prompt

    • Part 1: On p. 26, we see Sally being punished for lying.
    • Part 2: The punishment is unwarranted and quite severe, yet she does not say a word in her defense.
    • Part 3: Why do you think Sally took the punishment quietly? If you were Sally, do you think you would have done the same? Why or why not?

    Evaluation Prompt

    • Part 1: On p. 102, Sally chooses to talk back for the first time.
    • Part 2: This might be construed as disrespectful; however, in light of what she’s faced, many would say she is justified.
    • Part 3: What do you think? Is Sally justified in standing up for herself? Why or why not? What might have happened if she had stood up?